Simplified Agenda for EB Council

By Lorri Ooley

HERALD Reporter

The Elephant Butte City Council held its regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 19, at 2 p.m. Following the special meeting held Tuesday, Nov. 11, the council’s agenda was somewhat simplified on matters for action.

Council member D. Rogers provided fellow members with an update to developing discussion with the Sierra County Regional Dispatch Authority (SCRDA). In this, Rogers expressed his continued efforts with City Manager Alan Briley in their aiding of the governing board’s establishment of an operating budget and management of funds. Rogers also informed the council that the governing board was in negotiations regarding amending how services are charged to the communities covered by our local dispatch. This would be potentially based on percentage, which should help in smaller communities, such as the Village of Williamsburg, to be able to allocate funds for SCRDA within their own budgets.

This inability to contribute monies as agreed upon contractually has previously led to contention, and ultimately drove the entity to seek aid directly from Sierra County voters. In the most recent elections of 2014, Sierra County passed the issue of granting a one-quarter percent of Gross Receipt Tax to the aid of EMT, Behavioral Health, and 911 dispatch services.

The funds generated from this collection is greatly needed, but has yet to be assigned by Sierra County Commission.

Council member Kim Skinner expressed her concern over rumors of how this would be handled, stressing the importance of maintaining voter integrity for all three areas to benefit if they so need.

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