The Short & Serious for EB City Council

By Lorri Ooley

HERALD Reporter

The City of Elephant Butte recently held a special meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 11, due to a cancellation of their regularly scheduled meeting the previous week. While the day and time were unusual for the council to meet, they moved quickly through the short agenda.


For the final representative seat on the Sierra Joint Office on Aging governing board, Mayor Eunice Kent recommended for the council’s approval Sharon Finarelli, after interviewing two primary candidates. The council unanimously moved to select Finarelli, as she has unique experience that will benefit the necessary improvements for the board.


The council also unanimously moved to accept the conveyance of Espejo Park from Sierra County Commission. This had previously been discussed during the last meeting for the council, and Mayor Kent recommended the city take swifter action prior to any election changes to the county commission. As such, the exchange of land between the entities was executed prior to the special meeting, from Commissioner Walter Armijo.

The park, situated on a one-acre lot at the intersection of State Highway 171 and State Highway 181, will be exchanged between the government entities at no cost. The only charge will be for Elephant Butte to draft the exchange deed.

The assessor estimated the property to be $15,000, which falls under the state requirement of $25,000 and above for state approval. However, the exchange will still require approval from the Department of Finance & Administration. Both the County and City attorneys believe this action will receive approval, as it is not unusual for government entities to exchange properties, and it falls within Elephant Butte city limits, lending further weight for approval of the exchange.


City staff also recommended approval for two resolutions concerning current nuisance conditions at residences on Calle del Contento and Camino Encantado. Both properties have received multiple notifications from both the city and city municipal court; however, with both property owners have not acknowledged requests to amend the conditions.

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