Truck Involved in Albuquerque Carjacking Lands Local Man in Jail

Officials Looking for Local Woman


By Carlos Padilla


A man and a woman, both from Truth or Consequences, are facing criminal charges related to a truck stolen in an armed carjacking incident in Albuquerque in July.

In court documents obtained by The Herald, 37-year-old Daniel Gomez of the 500-block of North Birch Street is identified as the male arrested on Thursday, Nov. 20. Mr. Gomez is facing a fourth-degree felony charge of receiving or transferring a stolen vehicle, and a fourth-degree felony charge of tampering with evidence.

Truth or Consequences Police Department Detective James Harrington states in the documents filed in Sierra County Magistrate Court that TCPD Officer Justin Blacklock responded to a tow truck company Thursday morning, Nov. 13, to take a report of a stolen vehicle. The local business had been hired to conduct a private property tow from a local residence. The vehicle towed from the home was a 2006 red Ford F-150.

The business owner told Officer Blacklock that a lien was filed on the truck after no one came to claim the vehicle. Through that process, the business owner learned that the vehicle had been reported stolen, and notified local law enforcement.

Detective Harrington then requested and obtained a copy of the report filed by the Albuquerque Police Department. The APD report stated that the F-150 was stolen at gunpoint on Coors and Central in Albuquerque on July 23. The owner of the truck told Albuquerque police that he was cut off in traffic by a maroon Chevy Impala, and a man got out of the car, pointing a gun at him. The gunman reportedly ordered the victim and his family out of the truck.

The local homeowner who had requested the truck be towed from his property told Detective Harrington that Daniel Gomez had asked if he could park the F-150 in his garage. The man explained that he has been friends with Mr. Gomez’s girlfriend, Kandice Kasiah, since last year, and that Ms. Kasiah sometimes lives with him when she has nowhere else to go.

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