$10,000 Fines for Air Infractions

SVH, TriState Enter into New Agreement


By Lorri Ooley

HERALD Reporter

Regardless of its recent history, Sierra Vista Hospital’s air-ambulance services will now have considerable financial penalties, $10,000 per infraction as agreed by both parties involved.

Even though SVH does not have a financial contract with TriState CareFlight, both entities entered into a renewed contract earlier last week. The new contract outlines specific details – available to the public through SVH’s administration department – for air operation, which include “quiet” hours and air-flight paths.

This comes in response to nearly a yearlong discourse between the hospital and its residents, whose houses are located south of the air-ambulance’s location.

Resident Jay Hopkins led the charge against the hospital’s relocation of the air-ambulance and its continued disturbance of living conditions for neighbors and himself. At the most recent Governing Board meeting for SVH, Hopkins spoke directly to the board members and Chief Executive Officer Michael Zimmerman, in which he expressed an overall gratitude for the continued efforts of the hospital in amending the situation. There, however, remained an air of caution as Hopkins touched on moving forward with a continued operating relationship with the air-ambulance service.

Administrator Zimmerman touched on this point later in the meeting, of which he expressed the terms of agreement between the hospital and TriState CareFlight.

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