Armed Robbery Suspect Sought

Additional Property Crimes Investigated

By Carlos Padilla


Truth or Consequences continues to see a wave of crime locally, with a number of property crimes being actively investigated by local law enforcement agencies. Typically, Truth or Consequences Police Department authorities have characterized these as being crimes of opportunity, with thieves most often taking advantage of the cover of night and unsecured properties – vehicles and homes where windows and doors have been left unlocked. Occasionally, however, criminals have been somewhat aggressive, forcing their way into vehicles to steal items.

If the past several days are any indication, it appears that the local criminal element is collectively becoming more aggressive.

On Friday evening, Dec. 12, law enforcement officers with the Truth or Consequences Police Department, New Mexico State Police, Sierra County Sheriff’s Department and the U.S. Border Patrol responded to an extreme rarity for our area – an armed robbery.

Truth or Consequences Police Detective George Lee on Monday, Dec. 15, told The Herald that a 911 call was placed at 9:39 p.m., to report that a man clad in black clothing, including a black hoodie and black pants, entered the Fast Stop convenience store –located at 424 E. Third St.– and robbed the locally-owned business.

The man was armed with a knife and was also wearing a white mask. The armed man quickly entered the store and within seconds made his way behind the counter. He then ordered the female clerk to give him the money in her cash register.

Initially, the clerk refused, however, this apparently angered the armed man, who shoved the woman into the register. Upon getting an undisclosed amount of cash, the masked robber left the store, turning east out of the front door. Fortunately, the clerk was reportedly not injured.

Detective Lee stated that it was unknown if the man fled on foot or in a vehicle.

The victim described the man as being Caucasian and having blue eyes.

Officers arrived on scene at 9:40 p.m., one minute after the 911 call was placed. Authorities searched nearby neighborhoods, but were unable to locate the unidentified man. The scene was thoroughly processed by law enforcement officials.

The crime was captured on video located at Fast Stop. Authorities are additionally asking the community for any information regarding this hostile criminal act. The white male suspect is described as being between 5’6 and 5’8 in height.

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