County Commission to Consider Salary Rates

By Tony A. Archuleta

HERALD Reporter

When the Sierra County Commission meets on Wednesday, Dec. 17, it will consider a new Classification and Pay Plan Policy for county employees.

The commission, during a workshop last month, discussed the pay issue at length in light of a recent study that shows county employee salaries are about 10 percent below the statewide average for counties of similar size.

“The purpose of this (policy) is to set forth fair and consistent procedures and practices for all positions in the county, and to ensure employee salaries are competitive for the region,” the proposed policy states.

It also would establish pay grades. “Each job classification will be assigned to a pay structure that will have a pay grade defined by minimum and maximum dollar limits. The pay grade defines the pay opportunities for the job. Pay structure(s) will be reviewed periodically and revised to reflect the county’s changing competitive position, economic conditions, and compensation objectives.”

Here are some examples from the two-page compensation classification worksheet by title, minimum yearly compensation/hourly pay, midrange pay and maximum pay:

Administrative assistant: $22,048 annually ($10.60 per hour), $26,353.60 ($12.67) and $32,094.40 ($15.43).

Facility management worker: $23,795.20 annually ($11.44 per hour), $28,433.60 ($13.67) and $34,652.80 ($16.66).

Appraiser III: $25,708.80 annually ($12.36 per hour), $30,721.60 ($14.77) and $37,460.80 ($18.01).

Road maintenance foreman: $32.385.60 annually ($15.57 per hour), $38,688 ($18.60) and $47,153.60 ($22.67).

Human resource director, finance director and road director non-degree: $37.772.80 annually ($18.16 per hour), $45,11.20 ($21.69) and $54,995.20 ($26.44).

Detention director, deputy county manager non-degree: $40,7888 annually ($19.61 per hour) with mid and max ranges determined by the commission.

Finance director, road director with degree and experience: $44,054.40 annually ($21.18 per hour), $52,644.80 ($25.31) and $64,188.80 ($30.86).

Uncertified sheriff’s deputy: $27,627.60 annually ($12.65 per hour).

Certified deputy: $35,904.96 annually ($16.44 per hour), $38,875.20 ($17.80) and $42,937.44 ($19.66).

Corporal: $40,731.60 annually ($18.65 per hour), $44,094.96 ($20.19) and $48,681.36 ($22.29).

Investigator: $43,388.80 ($20.86 per hour), $46,966.40 ($22.58) and $51,854.40 ($24.93).

Lieutenant: $49,316.80 annually ($23.71 per hour), $53,352 ($25.65) and $58,884.80 ($28.31).



Also Wednesday, the commission will consider a resolution setting the salaries of elected officials starting Jan. 1, 2015, in accordance with state law.

As a “Class B” county, annual salaries are set at:

County commissioner (three): $18,725.

County treasurer: $56,386.

County assessor: $56,386.

County sheriff: $58,969.

County clerk: $56,386.

Probate judge: $13,129.


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