Local Community Theatre Completes 2014 Performance Year

The performance of “The Contrite Spirit” at the Boys & Girls Club rounded out the year for performances by the Truth or Consequences Community Theatre (TCCT).

After performing the “Nutrient Absorption of Primates” at the Lee Belle Johnson Senior Center, conflicts in scheduling led to use of “The Club.” It turned out to be a rather nice venue, a little smaller, cozier and audience-friendly auditorium.

The year was not without drama for members of the theater group. A board member was seriously injured in an automobile crash and the director of “The Contrite Spirit” had to undergo radiation treatment for two months. This all occurred during preparation for “The Contrite Spirit.” However, the show must go on. The cast for the play endured long rehearsals and the memorization of lengthy lines. The cast also endured several changes in the cast over a three-month period. In fact, one cast member suffered a seizure two weeks before opening night! They had to withdraw and the Director quickly assumed the part.

The TCCT would like to thank all of the sponsors and advertisers for the support they have provided to the small group of directors and actors.

Special thanks to a young actor who stepped in to round out the cast. Matthew Rodrigues from Truth or Consequences Middle School played an important part in “The Contrite Spirit.” Thank you, Matthew!

This next year should prove to be an exciting one, as new and different performances are being explored.

Remember, please support our efforts by attending and enjoying the plays. See us on Facebook!


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