Parolee, Girlfriend Arrested After Home Visit

By Carlos Padilla


A visit to a home in the 700-block of East Ninth Avenue in Truth or Consequences due to a violation of parole for a local man led to the arrest of 33-year-old Larry Allen Arbuckle and criminal charges for his 23-year-old girlfriend, Ashley Nicole Aragon. Ms. Aragon has been charged with fourth-degree felony possession of methamphetamine and a misdemeanor count of possession of drug paraphernalia.

A criminal complaint filed in Sierra County Magistrate Court by New Mexico State Police Officer Allan Benitez on Friday, Dec. 5, details the events that led to the arrests of the local couple.

Officer Benitez states that he was assigned to assist Adult Probation & Parole Officer Kevin Johnson with house visits Thursday afternoon, Dec. 4. Just before 1:30 p.m., Friday, the officials arrived at the home where Mr. Arbuckle resides, and were prepared to arrest Arbuckle due to a parole violation.

Moments after Officer Johnson knocked on the front door to the home, Mr. Arbuckle answered the door and welcomed the officials into the home, where the officers made contact with Ms. Aragon. Arbuckle “appeared to be nervous,” according to the court document, when Officer Johnson told Arbuckle to take him around the home.

Officer Johnson seized four empty needles from inside a trashcan located in the kitchen and later located 10 empty needles and one needle with 5 cc of a substance later identified as methamphetamine located inside a black and pink bag found in a bedroom.

Aragon admitted the bag belonged to her, and was immediately placed under arrest and secured in the back seat of Officer Benitez’s patrol car.

Aragon was jailed and received a $1,000 cash or surety bond, meaning that she may be released through a bonding agent for $100.

Arbuckle was charged with violating his parole.

The court documents reveal that this case is active pending court proceedings.


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