SVH Construction Continues

By Lorri Ooley

HERALD Reporter

Recognizable action has taken place recently at the construction site of renovation of Sierra Vista Hospital’s (SVH) Central Plant/Boiler Room and Emergency Room.

While the project is still below 50 percent completion, the project is relatively on track for its slated completion date at the end of March 2015.

Thus far, the hospital has seen alterations to its master construction plan conceived and developed in mid-June 2012. Of that original master plan, phase one for the hospital has completed the relocation of its helipad – with mixed reviews from neighbors – new development of an additional parking lot and access road from Silver Street. Phase two has yet to address the changes of the clinics A and B and Physical Therapy offices, however, SVH is currently in the bidding process of Request For Proposals (RFP) and has received significant interest to warrant extending the deadline to Wednesday, Dec. 10.

Administrator Michael Zimmerman clarified to The Herald on Monday, Dec. 1, the hospital’s pursuit of a modular building versus a permanent building falls on efficiently utilizing both the time of construction, coupled with making the most out of the hospital’s dollars.

“A brick and mortar building could cost the hospital up to $5 million,” Zimmerman speculated, “whereas a new module would run for significantly less and take less time to construct as well.”

He further clarified that the construction process of a modular building would predominately occur offsite, with the assembling of the building happening onsite.

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