Online Banner Advertising Rates

  • Prominently placed The Herald Online Banners (with links) are available for the home page and interior news pages. All ad rates include banner design. Animated banners +$15.00 additional for 1st month only. 

  • 6 Month Introductory Banner Sizes/Rates:
Middle Left Side: 200 pixels x 128 pixels (displays only on HOME page):  – $30.00 per month
Pay Here
Primary Right Side: 200 pixels x 128 pixels (displays on all pages):  – $35.00 per month
Pay Here

  • Online Advertising Terms & Conditions: Payment is required in advance for all online ads.

As space is limited, banner ads are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. All advertising is accepted subject to the publisher’s approval upon determination that the products or service advertised are in keeping with The Herald’s philosophy.

  • If you are designing your own banner, please Contact Sabre Design for Online Advertising File Requirements at.


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